Frequently Asked Questions

Ethics & FAQs:

Do you have questions before your first visit? Maybe the following will help you know what to expect.

How do I choose which modality  is right for me? You don't need to know which is best for you before calling or coming in. We can work together in finding the right combination of treatments for your unique body.
I have never had a massage. Is this okay?Great!  I see a lot of new people just beginning their path to wellness. Leave the specifics up to me. Just come as you are.
Am I really getting the whole time for which I pay?Yes! Unlike spas,  I provide enough time for us to consult before and after without cutting into your time on the table/mat.  Your ability to arrive on time insures this.  Arriving 5-10 minutes ahead of your appointment is recommended (but not necessary) for new clientele.
What do I wear for massage?Come as you are and undress to your comfort level. Some people wear undergarments, some do not. Proper, comfortable draping with a full sheet and/or blanket is required.
What do I wear for thai yoga?Please come in or bring with you stretchable, comfortable clothing like sweat pants or gym shorts.
What do I wear for reiki or reflexology?You may be fully clothed (with the exception of shoes), with the option of a sheet or blanket to cover you as well.
Should I book in advance?Advance bookings are always recommended.   I can sometimes be found available on the same day too.
I am running late, what should I do?Please notify me by telephone as soon as possible.  It is possible but not guaranteed that you will be able to receive the full original time, and is important that I know when you are arriving.
I can't be sure if I can commit to an appointment.The time we book is set aside solely for you.  With that comes an understood commitment from both of us. New clients who cancel with less than 24 hours notice are on a case-by-case basis whether we may book again. Please be realistic about your schedule when booking. Think about if you have a personal or professional life that often unexpectedly makes you unable to fulfill commitments.